Corporations getting involved with Save The Earth can actively create change by helping to fund some of the most important impacting global environmental initiatives. Manufacturers of earth friendly products can continue to join the team by becoming licensees, using our Save The Earth logo and hang tags on their products. The Save the Earth hang tag lets their customers know that part of the sales go to Save The Earth Foundation. The Save The Earth movement started in 1972. Over a decade later, Save the Earth Foundation was created to continue putting the message out – Save the Earth. While doing so, we raised funds by licensing the Save the Earth logo to manufacturers of anything from “T” shirts to cloth diapers. Save the Earth Foundation was able to spread the word and raise money at the same time from licensing royalties that were re-cycled into environmental research and education. The Foundation has supported leading research on Global Climate Change and Ocean Acidification with the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary, as well as helped build various climate centers at major colleges and universities across the United States.

Save The Earth Foundation played a key role in getting protection of the Davidson Seamount under the Bush administration. We are currently committed to funding our globalEnvironmental Initiatives.
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