SeaPhoto App iPhone and Android devices.

Save The EarSea Photo Main Screenth funded an updated version of the SeaPhoto App for iPhone, and development of the SeaPhoto App for Android devices.


This application provides access to over 1,650 high quality images of over 631 species of marine life of the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary, including over 130 species with detailed ecological information. You can browse by common or scientific name within all species at once, or by large functional group (birds, marine mammals, fishes, invertebrates, and algae). This app is lightweight and can be downloaded over a cellular connection. Each photo is downloaded “on demand” over a cellular connection, and subsequently become permanently stored on your iOS device for immediate access in the future. You can even share your favorite photos through Twitter and email.

One of our nation’s most spectacular marine protected areas, the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary is filled with an amazing array of wildlife – from tiny shrimp to giant blue whales. Stretching along the central coast from San Francisco to Cambria, the sanctuary includes pristine beaches, jewel-like tide pools, lush kelp forests, steep canyons and an offshore seamount hosting 34 species of marine mammals, more than 100 species of seabirds and shorebirds, more than 400 species of fish and countless invertebrates and algae. We invite you to explore and help protect this national undersea treasure.

An updated version of SeaPhoto is now available in the Apple App Store!

The android version of SeaPhoto is now available in the Google Play Store!