Thomas Roller created these environmental videos for Save The Earth to educate people about our fragile oceans.  Music has always been a way of making people aware of many things.  Hopefully people will watch these videos and learn enough to spread the word about our oceans in dire straits.  Download the MP3 Version of these songs free with bonus tracks Neil Young’s “Who’s Gonna Standup” Click Here.

MONTEREY, Calif., May 7, 2015 / — This is Save the Earth’s latest project to spread the words, “Save the Earth” through 19 hip songs starting with “Save the Earth Day” by Thomas Roller, and ending with 3 bonus tracks of Neil Young’s “Who’s Gonna Stand Up? (And Save the Earth).”

Music is the perfect way to reach people and get the message of Save the Earth into the consciousness of all people. This new Save the Earth CD2 is now available to download free from the Save the Earth website home page ( Neil Young has been an environmental activist since the 60’s and his song After the Gold Rush was the main influence on Neal Pargman and why he started the Save the Earth movement in 1972. Over a decade later the Save the Earth Foundation was created to continue putting the message out, Save the Earth. While doing so, we raised funds by licensing the Save the Earth logo to manufacturers of anything from t-shirts to cloth diapers. Save the Earth Foundation was able to spread the word and raise money at the same time from licensing fees that are re-cycled into environmental research and education.

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Save The Earth CD2 collection of 19 songs aimed at raising awareness of the environmental problems facing the earth today.  

Now featuring 3 bonus tracks from music legend Neil Young!

Music is a great communicator and hopefully this CD will inspire people to conserve energy, live a cleaner life and make this planet a safer place for all.

This CD was created by the same people that brought you the book ‘Emotion For The Ocean’ and the companion CD: ‘Moods Of The Ocean’.  We hope this new CD will inspire you to do your part in helping to save the earth

Track List

1. Save the Earth Day
2. World Oceans Day
3. Save the Earth
4. Mother Earth
5. Great Pacific Garbage Patch
6. Fading Away
7. All We have to do is Frack
8. We’re All Connected
9. Reverse
10. GMO’S
11. Pure Water (Clean Oceans)
12. Ride
13. Be Aware
14. What Can You Do?
15. Mother Natures Crying
16. Haven’t Come Too Far
17. Who’s Gonna Stand Up? (Acoustic)
18. Who’s Gonna Stand Up? (Live)
19. Who’s Gonna Stand Up? (Orchestral)