“In the early 1970’s, I began to realize the developing trends of mankind were resulting in the poisoning of our earth. Late in 1972, my thoughts centered on motivating other people to help stop this destruction. My vision soon became focused on Save the Earth, “a message to help create a higher level of environmental consciousness among people.” Motivated by the awareness that the “Have a Nice Day” smile face of the 60’s could bring a positive element into our daily lives, I knew that environmental artwork together with a meaningful message could become a positive influence on our earth’s future.

In 1986, I was very excited about the positive affect of adding a colorful rainbow to our Save the Earth message. In 1988, after 16 years of working with “earth” art and the vital message of “Save The Earth,” the funds to establish the environmental research foundation that I had always envisioned were finally available. The foundation’s first environmental grant in 1989 co-sponsored a series of three workshops on global climate change at the University of California at Davis.

Since 1989, with the ongoing support of concerned individuals, the Save the Earth Foundation has granted research funding to numerous colleges and universities. As people continue to embrace the “Save the Earth” message, we plan to continue funding vital research in an effort to slow and ultimately reverse the deterioration of our planet earth. Today more than ever, we must acknowledge the fact that a great many environmental violations of the past continue to haunt us in the present. Our support of research in the physical sciences will continue to find solutions to these numerous man-made problems of the past and present.

Moreover, we feel that our support of climate research and science centers will undoubtedly lead us to a better understanding of the connection between our behaviors and the environment, our goal is to pave the way towards a healthier future for our planet. Our mission is to make lasting changes by raising the environmental awareness of all people. Please join me in spreading the word…”Save The Earth.” Time is running out. Manufacturers: Please share the message on your products if you’d like, and everyone please use it anywhere you see fit. The only thing I ask you not to do is copy the “Save The Earth” logo. Our logo identifies Save The Earth Foundation. Get creative and make your own “Save The Earth” logo. Thank you for spreading the word!”


Neal Pargman, Founder
Save The Earth Foundation