Founded in 1972, the current objectives of Save The Earth Foundation are to provide factual educational information to the public about environmental awareness, while helping to fund a variety of environmental initiatives as a non-profit public benefit corporation. We currently aim to fund the single most impacting environmental changes worldwide in order to actively implement change. The overall objective of Save the Earth Foundation is to enhance the quality of our global environment for the benefit of all people while promoting a better understanding of the effects our society has on the long-term health of our planet.

Save the Earth Foundation is committed to raising public environmental consciousness, as well as actively implementing change. Previously, the foundation funding has helped to support a variety of scientific environmental research projects, as well as educational programs in some of the most prominent institutions of higher education. Not only do we continue to fund various NOAA projects, but our generous donations have made it possible to fund the Climate Center at Columbia University, which analyses and evaluates the current state of our atmosphere. Similarly, our grants have helped build UCLA’s Center for the Study of the Environment and Society, which focuses on the interactions between the environmental and social processes. We are proud to have funded the Phytotron Project at Duke University, which analyzes the consequences of global warming through large-scale modeling. Thanks to these climate centers and programs, we currently have much more access to environmental scientific discoveries. 

With the support of people worldwide from all walks of life, we are confident that the Foundation’s efforts will help to reverse the environmental deterioration of our planet.

Thank you for your concern with regards our planet’s future.