Save the Earth Foundation has donated its profits directly to the creation of numerous University Environmental Centers and department studies, as well as important climate research done by NOAA in the Monterey Bay. While we continue to work with NOAA, beginning 2020 our funding will go towards a set of environmental initiatives that we believe are fundamental in helping to actively save the earth.

  • 1

    Sustainable Cigarette Filters
    Approaching cigarette companies with a competitive non-toxic sustainable alternative in their filter supply chain. Most current filters are made from a plastic called cellulose acetate.

  • 2

    Ocean Plastic Removal
    Funding fleets of cleanup booms, cleaning an estimated 5 trillion pieces of plastic, both on the surface as well as in the deep oceans.

  • 3

    Microfiber Textile Pollution
    Funding prototypes to filter plastic fibers from water and implementing internationally, as well as creating single-fiber recycling systems worldwide.

  • 4

    Funding alternatives to single-use plastic, and plastic in general. Bio-based plastics come from the earth and can return to it – often with lower carbon emissions.

  • 5

    Compost Wood & Planting Trees
    Funding global tree-planting projects, as well as compost and hemp wood-alternatives in construction lumbar. This both increases fire safety in homes, as well as the number of trees on the earth. Trees absorb carbon dioxide, produce oxygen, stabilize soil and give life to our world’s wildlife.