Save The Earth Foundation has an important message about our planet and YOU can help to spread the word.

We ask you to contact your local radio stations and ask them to play our PSA year-round as a reminder of how important it is to save our earth one day at a time instead of only one day a year on Earth Day. The PSA also includes the song “Save The Earth Day” which reminds us over and over that every day is Save The Earth Day! STE has created a 30-second and a 60-second spot, as well as the full version of the song.

Urge your local radio station to give airplay to this PSA throughout the year to help us to spread the vital mission of the Save The Earth Foundation who works tirelessly to remediate and repair the extreme damages being done to our land and to our oceans.


Download the PSA and send it off to YOUR local radio station and ask them to put it on the air.